सिए फाइनलको परिक्षाको तयारी गरिरहेकाहरुमाझ सिए सुनील बुढाथोकीले यसरी बाँडे आफ्नो अनुभव...

To all those Chartered Accountant student who are preparing for their CA Final exam.
For me, Chartered Accountant course is very tough course. I passed CA examination in 4th attempt but I could have passed it in 2nd attempt. Due to many mistake, I had to give 2 more attempts.
These are my mistakes and corrections.

May' 2017 : (Mark : 192, Aggregate short)
1. Lack of concentration during classes
2. Most of them were selfstudy without clarity.
3. Equal priority to every subject
4. Couldn't prioritize the important and less important chapters
5. Lack of questions practice
6. To much gossips and distraction at library

Nov'2017 : (Mark: 210, Pass)
1. Watched summary and conceptual videos
2. Focused on logics and clarity in topics
3. Focused more on ISCA and IDT
4. Prioritize the important and less important chapters of each subjects
5. Practiced questions
6. Came to Nepal and avoided Public gathering and other disturbances

May' 2018 : (Marks : 175, Aggregate short)
1. Developed attitude, that I am gonna CA.
2. To much enjoyment of single group passout
3. Late started preparing exam from March
4. Started public gathering and meetings
5. Equal priority to all subjects
6. Lack of questions practice

Nov' 2018 ( Marks :235, pass)
1. Controlled my attitude
2. Controlled to much enjoyment
3. Prepared exam in a very peaceful environment of Pokhara.
4. Focused more on Financial Reporting and SFM
5. Practiced Questions and Prioritize important chapters
6. Not just prepared for exam day, prepared for 1 day before exam too.

Further, according to me practical and theoretical knowledge covers around 60% coverage and rest 40% coverage is how u deal with the question paper. So, together with questions preparation, daily meditation for around 30 minutes helps you to deal the questions safely with conscious mind.

I am not a Rank Holder nor do I passed the exam in First attempt. However, I have just tried to share my experience and learnings so that other don't repeat the same mistakes again and again. We are not born to make same mistakes repeatedly. Rather, we are born to know the various ways to make mistakes and move ahead to achieve success. Hope my mistakes and corrective steps in each attempts will at-least help you to find out the reason for failure and strategy that can over rides it.

Note: I know there will be some people criticizing saying " CA vayera thulo kura garyo". My post is not for them. My post is for all those who despite of doing hard work, is still unable to clear CA final. My post is for all those future CA who are open minded and who learns from other mistakes. Thus, I have shared my mistakes because I care them all hard working people, who prepares for all day and night and hope for the bright future of themselves and CA fraternity.