Why National Level CA conference 2075

It has been years since Chartered Accountants have not congregated in a single platform to ventilate the national issues related to the profession. It is explored why National Level CA Conference 2075 is being organized and our expectations from it.

Role of Chartered Accountants in Nation building is evident from the position held in various sectors of economy and admiration the fraternity has received for their expertise. Time has come for CAs to seek their active role as the partner in nation building. To begin the discourse first ever National Level CA Conference is being organized by Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal through its National Level Conference Committee.With the increasing complexity in business and economy, we cannot move at the desired economic expansion unless professionals like CAs are involved in financial system of the country.Once former US President John F Kennedy said “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” With the expertise CAs carry, we seek our role in fulfillment of the national expectations.

CAs have witnessed the problem in the financial system of the country and have submitted the possible solutions through various ways. Since CAs are law followers in general, law makers have not been able to take benefit from their expertise. Through the national conference we want to discuss our involvement in law making process, implementation to reporting process and we want to let the national know about our capability and the state of underutilization. We want to be part of solution nation needs to reach the goal of economic prosperity. We will discuss the contribution made by CA fraternity till date in various sectors of economy and confer the possible contributions with the inclusion of CAs in central, federal and local level of financial governance and project role of CAs for sustainable economic development of county. We believe if federalism is not effectively managed, country will head towards the state ofeconomic catastrophe. In national level conference, we want to discuss our constructive role in the presence of major economic stakeholders of the country. We will reiterate the role to be played by policy makers, regulators and associations to create profession friendly environment so that CAs can contribute with optimum professional ability. We want to confer how CAs can be part of solution, to present projections on how involvement of CAs can enhance financial transparency, business efficiency, increase productivity with reduced costing transform a nation into easy nation for doing business, creating investment friendly environment, reducing trade deficit andIncrease gross domestic production to reach the ambitious double digit rate of economic growth.

We want to discuss our contribution till date in industry, present the current sectorial presence and problems faced by us as CAs in Industry. We will explore the opportunities and inclusion of the professionals for financial transparency, due diligence, regulatory compliances to boost the industrial productivity. Through the conference we want to endorse the industry guidelines if any, discuss role to be played by CAs in enhancing the organizational efficiency and know the industry expectations from us through the panel discussion.

We will discuss current problems nation is facing in financial planning, budgeting, taxation and business development. We will explore involvement in various capacities to address the problems. We will also discuss the practice guidelines for effective financial reporting and auditing practices and seek the constructive role of regulators for effective implementation. Through the conference we will confer how CAs can be part of strong compliances framework and discuss the expected support from the various stakeholders.

We will endorse the logo to be used by the Chartered Accountants, dress code, various guidelines and formats to bring professional uniformity. Moreover conference will bring all the CAs in a common platform to discuss in various issues related to them. It would also be an opportunity of professional networking and continuing professional education as well. We want all our members to be the part of discussion, provide their constructive inputs and work together for successful conference.

To sum up National Level Conference 2075 is being organized to give a larger message to the Nation that “CAs are professionals for Prosperity”.

CA. KP Upadhayay, Member (National Level Conference Committee of ACAN)